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At Zetaops, we sponsor technical activities , while our team members also give lessons and take care to share the information we have gained with the public.

Our team, who specializes in open source development, always has a place for curious and innovative team mates. If you have previously developed Python or Java languages, if you are using Linux in your daily life, you have a github account already opened, or if you are supporting a series of projects, or if you want to develop your skills, please contact us.

Please checkout Ubuntu code of conduct which is very close to our mind.

Job Openings

Currently we are looking for the positions below;

Backend Python Developer, Z0012 We are looking for an extinct species of Senior Python Developer. Yes this quite hard nowadays to find Pythonista. But if you believe you have iterated your mind in this frisky life to high level we are here to hug you.

Please checkout Ubuntu code of conduct which very similar to our working.

Frontend Developer, Z0013 We are looking for Angular, Object Oriented Javascript experience with base html5, css knowledge.

Backend Developer Java, Z0021

At least 4 years of experience with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud related tools and projects. Strong OOP knowledge is a must.