About Us

Zetaops, founded in 2014, İzmir Institute of Technology, Izmir Technology Development Zone as R&D company. Our team have strong background with Open Source and Free Software tools. We have vast experience in multiple sectors of business applications and systems.

Our Vision

  • Create manageable value with our partners to design future.
  • Make it easier, make it shorter in time to add value to our work.
  • Adopt technology for satisfied human life.
  • Use agile management process to advance quality of our products.

Our Mission

  • We work to be an organization that improves the quality of the business processes of the institutions we work with and interactively learn from our customers.
  • Zetaops contributes to manpower in order to produce information technologies that will lead our life forward.
  • Zetaops believes in and adheres to the principles of market economy. It attaches importance to being honest, accurate, open and consistent with its customers, business partners and competitors. Zetaops oversees the compliance of all works with the law, general business ethics and principles.
  • Zetaops believes that effective research and development is a key component of competitiveness in a rapidly changing contemporary environment. Developing new products to serve our customers better is an integral part of our corporate culture.

We care about what we do!

We continuously measure our technical competence as a team. We apply ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 12207 standards within the organization. We strive to improve our software life cycle. We continuously monitor our development processes with a mixture of Lean Kanban and Extreme Programming techniques.


At Zetaops, we sponsor technical activities , while our team members also give lessons and take care to share the information we have gained with the public.

Our team, who specializes in open source development, always has a place for curious and innovative team mates. If you have previously developed Python or Java languages, if you are using Linux in your daily life, you have a github account already opened, or if you are supporting a series of projects, or if you want to develop yourself, please contact us.

We will be happy to help