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Today most of the challenging part of keeping a business up is being able to foresee what is going to be next to jump the queue. Dealing with rapid market changes is not an easy task within this multidimensional environment. Nearly all business verticals should shape the communication with their customers by using "FUTURE" applications. Smarter, faster applications can estimate the possible demands of customer.

In a real world, transitioning from legacy web application with control panels to containerized hosts would be complicated.

Adapting former system administrator's relic bash scripts to controllable devops tools could be tough.

Yet there could be still more goals to achieve, such as responding users in application by using near realtime event streams or analysing the stored data to make out clear targets.

Good news is, there is no need to worry to achieve your goals with our services. "FUTURE" is crafting with tools already using in NOW and we are here to manage your future needs in NOW!

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Our Services

  • Migration planning to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Cloud or your private Openstack Cloud.
  • Integration planning for co-existing legacy systems.
  • Frontend development with AngularJS, ReactJS
  • Python based data science tools integration.
  • Devops support and maintenance operations
  • Cloud security test check lists
  • Testing and Q&A planning
  • Providing complementary auditing documentation
  • Multi platform (web/mobile/api) application development
  • Modern UI & UX design

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