Messaging management solution

for mobile and web application developers

ZOPS CPaaS in your apps;

  • Designed for developers by developers
  • Programmatically add PUSH, SMS, IOT or Realtime online messaging to your own application
  • Multi homed installation for uninterrupted operation
  • Design your own access control rules easily
  • Clean and easy REST/websocket API
  • Convert message types with workflow rules

zops api

Manage all message types with one basic API

Enjoy detailed documentation and examples.

Unified segmented PUSH

  • Segmented PUSH messages,
  • Central PUSH management,
  • Send from one API to IOS or Android targets,
  • Get detailed device information,
  • We have no information about your own users.
proje turleri

Realtime Online Messaging

  • Public, private or invisible groups,
  • Special announcement read only groups,
  • Apply your own Access Control rules,
  • Get realtime notifications and messages with websockets,
  • Cross post same message as PUSH message,
  • Adjust status and show typing to other users.
  • dosyalar

    Machine 2 machine message gateway

  • Send or receive messages to IOT devices at once,
  • Scaled for huge amount of devices,
  • Convert one message type to another,
  • Scaled for millions of MQTT subscribers.
  • proje dashboard

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