ZOPS Development Platform

created for rush projects to bring life in short period.

zops development platform

ZOPS Development Platform

  • ZOPS perfectly fits several different needs of your projects
  • Near to zero security breach at frontend
  • Divided backend loads to work in harmony
  • Python based, multi layered platform
  • Develop web applications for any type of verticals.
  • Most necessary development primitives to start fast.
  • Clean start without thinking about integration and consistency problems between components.
  • Horizontally distributed platform, designed for cloud (GCE, Amazon, Rackspace) environments.
  • Backend and frontend components carefully crafted for error free start.
  • ZOPS could easily be scaled horizontally to handle desired work loads.
  • ZOPS developed for developers by experienced developers.
  • Adoptions period is around ~15 days without knowledge of Python for junior devs.

Wisdom of Zen!

Major ZOPS Platform Components

  • Authentication & Authorization Management
  • Advanced Task Scheduler
  • State Manager, (Non deterministic finite automaton)
  • Error Handling and Logging
  • Notification Management (Emails, SMS, Internal)
  • Application Frontend Management
  • In App Document Management
  • Database Migration Management
  • Expose REST API's
  • Connect to any REST and SOAP resources
  • Caching Management
  • Internationalization, I18N
  • Common Backend Libs
  • Route Manager
  • In app Event Streaming
  • Integrated Data Science Libraries

Technology stack of this project

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